Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Ontario has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity this October 10th to dump our antiquated, 'first-past-the-post' electoral system and replace it with a system of proportional representation called MMP (or Mixed Member Proportional.)

This blog is designed to provide Ontario Liberals with information on MMP and why they should vote for it this October 10th.

Any MMP supporters who are active in the Liberal party, or are party supporters, are encouraged to contact Matt Guerin: Matt will be convening a meeting later in July to discuss formation of the 'Liberals for MMP' group to help spread the word among fellow Liberals about voting for MMP. The meeting will likely take place in Toronto, but anyone who would be interested in connecting by conference call, or would like to be part of this network, should also contact Matt.

Please return for future updates.


Anonymous said...

You can put me on the list of bloggers.

I have posted in support of MMP-PR in the past.

Aaron Unruh said...

Why have a group only for Liberals?

Liberals 4 MMP said...

Aaron, I believe all the major parties have group promoting MMP within their own ranks. For more info, you could possibly contact Fair Vote Canada for an email to contact for other parties.

Mark Greenan said...

Liberals 4 MMP are just better organized than Conservatives for MMP.

Senators Hugh Segal and Nancy Ruth are on board and I'm sure there will be an MP or MMP joining them soon. Longtime Reformer Rick Anderson is a VP of Fair Vote Canada. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation are long-time supporters of proportional representation.

I'm sure by the time September comes along they'll be more visible

SUZANNE said...

Good luck. I hope you rally a lot of people.