Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Liberals For MMP Manifesto and Action Plan to be Launched Soon

The 'Liberals for MMP' founding meeting took place last Wednesday July 18th in Toronto and it was a huge success. As many as 15 volunteers took part either in person or via conference call, including Dr. Carolyn Bennett, Member of Parliament for St. Paul's and a longtime supporter of progressive democratic reform.

Our group has decided to draft up a 'Manifesto' that will describe why we think Liberals in Ontario should support Mixed Member Proportional in this October's referendum. Our Manifesto will also put forth a position on how we think the Ontario Liberal Party should draw up its list of 39 province-wide candidates should the MMP proposal pass and become law. If you would like to contribute to this manifesto, please email the blog administrator at

The Ontario Citizens' Assembly, when drafting its MMP proposal now before voters, decided to leave it up to political parties to decide how to draft up their province-wide list of candidates. While the Ontario Liberal Party is officially neutral in this referendum, we think it's important to start the discussion now and therefore our proposals will address the issue of list MPPs shortly. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, we're expanding our network. If you're a Liberal or generally vote Liberal and you support fixing Ontario's antiquated electoral system, we'd like to hear from you. Shortly we will be adding a list to this blog of all Liberals who support MMP (not just those with high profiles). If you'd like to be included in our network, please email the blog administrator at We'll also be launching a 'Liberals for MMP' group on Facebook soon.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with all Liberals to ensure Ontario dumps its antiquated first-past-the-post electoral system and gets a better democracy!

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