Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Round-Up

The debate over modernizing Ontario's antiquated voting system started in earnest this week with the launch of the campaign by On the pro-MMP side, the Vote For MMP campaign has been active for months, years in fact. With both sides now communicating to Ontario voters, we can expect a spirited discussion over how Ontario elects its legislature in the run-up to the October 10th vote.

The Orillia Packet & Times posted this editorial yesterday supportive of the Citizens' Assembly proposal of Mixed Member Proportional. Here's an excerpt: "Various forms of MMP have been successfully governing countries, states and provinces all over the world for years. When fledgling democracies adopt systems, it is often this form, not our own antiquated methods. It's also wrong to suggest that MMP would somehow be less democratic. It is actually more democratic, because it takes into account the popular vote. It also promotes coalition governments which work to form more centrist positions, rather than majority governments with massive amounts of authority, usually based on less than a majority of votes. Instead of being less democratic, it guarantees every vote will count and it resolves the old dilemma as to whether you should vote for the party or vote for the person by allowing you to do both."

The debate in Ontario is being noticed across Canada. Liberal blogger Prairie Fire had this to say about Ontario's choice: "For me, it boils down to this: virtually all the nightmare scenarios that the NO side conjures up about what a MMP system could lead to (and let’s be honest, some of them are legitimate concerns) are all found in one way or another in our current electoral system as well. So given that both systems are equally flawed, the argument in my mind moves squarely to the yes column because a MMP system gives voters more choice, makes our political system more open to new voices, and the allows everyone, no matter where they live, to feel like their vote really counts."

And finally, Progressive blog Dawg's Blog yesterday chimed in with the great post, Ten Lies About MMP. Check them out.

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