Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pro-MMP Liberal Bloggers Speak Out Against NoMMP.ca's Tactics

First off, welcome to the newly refurbished Liberals For MMP site. Today, the supporters of our antiquated First-Past-The-Post voting system officially launched their web presence at www.nommp.ca. So it seemed fitting that we also make some changes here. We hope you like them.

Of course, based on the current (and sometimes grammatically challenged) content on the NoMMP.ca site, it seems as though the supporters of the status quo will make their case not by explaining the strengths of our current system, but by simply spreading fear and mischaracterizations about the proposed Mixed Member Proportional system.

Blogger and Liberals For MMP member Scott DiaTribe's response was the first retort today to the No side's campaign with this excellent post. Scott was right on the money with this statement: "I am sorry to see that 'No MMP' is resorting already to fear and smear. They are certainly within their rights to charge or to say they fear something COULD happen under MMP. but for them to come out and assertively say it WOULD happen, as they’ve done here with their opening press release, is a falsehood."

A couple more pro-MMP Liberal bloggers also made their thoughts known today.

Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy also got in on the discussion with this insightful post, "Conservative Liberals feeling their unending power slipping away."

CuriosityCat had this to say: "The fact that the MMP system proposed does not lay out rules for the names on the individual list being chosen is not a negative at all. In fact, it allows individual parties to decide on their own criteria, and voters will be better served by this happening. If you feel that the Liberals are not doing enough to ensure that women are represented in Parliament, and their list continues this trend, but the Tories, for example, are, you can cast your vote accordingly. Only those who fear the power of the ordinary voter should be running scared of this wonderful grassroots democratic option."

And finally, our friend Mushroom got in on the action: "Under proportional representation, the people get to decide both a candidate in the riding AND the political party which best represents their interests in governing the province. In our present first past the post system, the voter gets to choose a candidate who may be in government, opposition, or a maverick who is shut out of Question Period."

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