Monday, August 13, 2007

Simcoe-Grey Ontario Liberal candidate Steven Fishman endorses MMP

Another Ontario Liberal candidate running in rural Ontario is endorsing the Citizens' Assembly's proposed Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system in this fall's referendum.

Simcoe-Grey Liberal candidate Steven Fishman emailed Liberals For MMP yesterday to write:

"Like other people running for office in the upcoming election, I strongly feel that the people across Ontario deserve a better form of government. The "First-Past-The-Post" at times is quite unfair. If you take the 2000 election in the United States as an example, Gore won more votes than Bush, yet Bush became President. How the world could have been different had Bush lost in 2000.

The will of the people in the popular vote should count for something, and the MMP is the best way to go as we move forward."

In other news, blogger Runesmith's Canadian Content posted her "Six Reasons To Vote For MMP" yesterday. Check them out.

Another great resource for information on the proposed Mixed Member Proportional system can be found at a new site called Ontario Referendum, including an excellent Top 10 Talking Points for Discussing electoral reform with others. Highly recommended reading for anyone looking to counter the attacks being mounted by pro-First-Past-The-Post folks.


Anonymous said...

As a New Democrat, I am thrilled that there are Liberals who support this. MMP can not pass without multi-party support and I am glad to see that such support exists.

Matt Guerin said...

Electoral reform should be a non-partisan issue. There are people in all parties that support fixing our antiquated voting system which misrepresents the wishes of voters.