Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Etobicoke North Liberal MPP Shafiq Qaadri endorses new voting system

Shafiq Qaadri, the Liberal incumbent in the highly-diverse riding of Etobicoke North, announced last night he supports the Mixed Member Proportional option (or MMP) before voters on Oct 10th.

Qaadri made his comments on the "Dale Goldhawk Live" broadcast on Rogers Cable 10 in Toronto shortly after the 9 pm live show went to air on Monday evening.

"(Voters are) basically asking me to explain what (MMP) actually means because as you know there are a lot of numbers. It's a bit complex," Qaadri said, when asked if voters are asking about the referendum at the doors.

"I will say though that I'm a supporter of MMP because I think...if it works the way they say it will, it'll actually lead to a diversity of voices," offered Qaadri. "For example whether it's visible minorities or women. I expect even that we might have our first Aboriginal Ontarian in the legislature," he said.

Local Green Party candidate Jama Korshel and NDP candidate Mohamed Boudjenane also supported the Citizen's Assembly's recommendation for change.

Only Tory candidate Mohamed Kassim echoed John Tory's recent doubts about the Citizens' Assembly's proposal.

Etobicoke North is the first riding in Ontario history where all major party candidates running are Muslim.

Qaadri is now the tenth Ontario Liberal candidate to publicly endorse the Citizens' Assembly's recommendation for change, joining incumbents Michael Bryant, John Gerretsen, George Smitherman, Ted McMeekin and Tony Ruprecht, as well as candidates Kate Holloway, Steve Fishman, Selwyn Hicks and Ian Wilson.

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