Sunday, September 9, 2007

A green thumb's up for electoral reform

As we know, many Liberals and Ontarians alike care deeply about environmental sustainability. The Toronto Star ran this article by columnist Cameron Smith yesterday entitled, "A green thumb's up for electoral reform - A premier would be inclined to take the environment more seriously under proportional representation"

Here's an excerpt:

There are two reasons why proportional representation will benefit the environment.

The first is that a premier would be more inclined to make the environment a top priority.

Secondly, proportional representation will result in more minority governments and coalitions, which means responsibility for government policies would lie with more than one party.

The current system breeds instability. It's a blood sport, where opposition parties focus more on gaining power than on good government, largely because they have little hand in creating policies and have no commitment to them.

As a result, government policies often have a short life span. In the face of global warming, short-term, ever-changing policies are a recipe for disaster.


Jason Bo Green said...

Hi Matt.

I'm disappointed with the MMP option, but I feel it is, at least, a better choice than what we have now. I'm going to vote for it - I just decided today.

Jason Bo Green said...

Although, the elitist system whereby we have no say whatsoever in who makes up those party seats does make me want to barf, I stress. The people who came up with this idea were clearly all party-cheerleading assholes. Party executives must be cheering this on excitedly, in a way.

Scott Tribe said...

I disagree in calling it an elitist system. No system has been picked yet for any of the Parties... but as it is, what makes you think the Party brass are going to be the ones picking the list candidates?

Saskboy said...

A party letting their leaders pick candidates for the list, is a party with an undemocratic party constitution. Require that party members vote for the order of the list with a preferential ballot and, Jason, your problem goes away.