Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Toronto Star fails to correct Monday's "inaccurate" reporting of MMP

The Toronto Star failed today to issue a correction or clarification on yesterday's article by reporter Kerry Gillespie that "39 [MPPs] would be appointed from party lists" under Mixed Member Proportional.

As stated here yesterday, this is factually incorrect as the 39 province-wide members will be elected by the public when they cast their ballots for political parties.

The Star did publish many letters to the editor today on the subject of electoral reform, many of which criticize the story's inaccurate description of the new, proposed system.

The Star also reported today that the Ontario government's point person on electoral reform says she's "a little concerned" about the lack of public interest in the Oct. 10 referendum.

"I knew it would be a challenge," Democratic Renewal Minister Marie Bountrogianni told the Star yesterday. "I would like people to pay attention because I want them to know what they're voting for."

Bountrogianni said chief electoral officer John Hollins, who will oversee the referendum and the ad campaign promoting it, "does have a challenge" to get voters interested.

"We had the summer in between the passing of the question and the actual campaign and people like to relax in the summer and not necessarily stay tuned into us, the politicians," she said.

The government has stated it will not print any more material published by the Ontario Citizens' Assembly on its deliberations or findings. But information is still available on the internet about the Assembly's recommendation to Ontario voters.

In other news, Canada's largest multi-service women's organization, the YWCA, is urging Ontarians to choose proportional representation in the upcoming electoral reform referendum. It says a Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system will help bring about equitable representation of women in the provincial legislature. We heartily agree.

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