Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Choose Change Tomorrow

Ontarians have a unique opportunity tomorrow to modernize our voting system.

The referendum is the final step in a unique process of citizen-based, deliberative democracy that began with the Citizens' Assembly.

This randomly-chosen group of citizens, free of partisan bias, chose the Mixed Member Proportional system over our existing system by a vote of 94 to 8.

While public understanding of the question was very low at the beginning of this campaign, there's little doubt that awareness has grown. By how much remains unclear. Most voters know little about why the Citizens' Assembly recommended they adopt the new system. Elections Ontario's campaign has done little more than inform voters we are having a referendum on electoral reform. Many establishment media outlets including the Toronto Star have printed misinformation about the new system. There have been many numbers flying around. Accusations and counter-accusations.

If you haven't already, please check out our Top Five Reasons MMP is Better For Voters. Or read our Questions & Answers page for more details on your choice tomorrow.

In the end, voters need to answer the following questions tomorrow: What kind of government do you want? Do you want a government where one party can win all the power with only 40% of the vote or less (the existing system)? Or should a party that wins 40% of the vote win 40% of the power (the new system)?

We agree with the Citizens' Assembly: we support the new Mixed Member Proportional system.

The new system gives voters more choice, fairer results and more representation.

You'll get two votes: one for your local candidate (just like now) and one for a political party. If you don't like your party's local candidate, you can vote against that candidate and still vote for the party with your second vote, or vice versa.

Under the new system, your vote will always have an impact on the overall province-wide result, unlike now where it only counts locally and only if you vote for the winner.

If the new system wins and is implemented, we'll get a legislature that reflects the true face and voice of the people for the first time in Ontario's history!

Tomorrow, choose change. Choose Mixed Member Proportional.

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