Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tom Kent: And the future is ... a two-vote electoral system

Tom Kent, who served as principal assistant to prime minister Lester Pearson, has published this excellent piece in the Globe & Mail today, "And the future is ... a two-vote electoral system".

In it, he writes, "Next week's Ontario general election is less important than the accompanying referendum. Although the election will determine how the province is governed for four years, the referendum will determine whether creaking provincial politics can be repaired to fit the 21st century.

"The referendum choice is between realism and romanticism. People who want to stick close to what is familiar are usually seen as the realists. This case is different. It is pure romanticism to believe that we can go back to the good old days when politics was the normal business of two grand old parties. And since we can't, the current electoral system is indefensible."

The Globe & Mail also ran two other good articles on the referendum today: "Vote a key test for democratic reform" and "Changing the legislature's look".

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