Saturday, October 6, 2007

Top Five Reasons MMP is Better for Voters

1) Your vote will always have an impact right across the province, unlike now where it only counts locally and only if you vote for the winner

Under the new system, you'll get two votes: one for your local representative (just like now) and one for a political party's team of province-wide candidates. This second vote has an impact right across Ontario as it determines the total number of seats each party will win. Under our existing system, your vote only counts in one (1) of 107 ridings and only if you vote for the winner.

2) 40 MPPs elected to represent you, up from just one now

Under the new system, you're guaranteed one local representative, just like now. But you'll also be able to elect 39 new, province-wide representatives. That's 40 people directly accountable to you, elected to represent your interests at Queen's Park, unlike just one (1) representative now.

3) For the first time in Ontario's history, we'll have a legislature that reflects the true face and voice of the people!

Most Ontarians value diversity and equality. Yet Ontario has a terrible record of representation for women and minorities in our legislature. We've never elected an Aboriginal Ontarian to Queen's Park. Fair voting systems like MMP make better representation for all more likely. The voice of the people as reflected in the popular vote will be translated directly into representation at Queen's Park, unlike our existing system which frequently distorts our votes in favour of one party.

4) Laws that get passed in Ontario will be supported by parties representing over 50% of the people

Who knew in Ontario in 2007 we'd be fighting to ensure that laws passed by our government must be supported by the majority of voters?

Our existing, antiquated system has long produced phony majority governments where one party wins a majority of seats at Queen's Park with fewer than 50% of the votes. Under the new system, new laws will need to be supported by political parties representing over 50% of the people before they can get passed. This is good for all voters and good for democracy.

5) The second place party will never win the election again

Another disturbing aspect of our existing system is its tendency to distort voters' wishes so badly that sometimes the second place party among voters actually wins the election. This has happened in six out of 10 provinces in recent times: Ontario, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, Quebec, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The new Mixed Member Proportional system will fix this and ensure seat totals match the popular vote. Under the new system, the party that elects the most MPPs will be asked to form a government.

The people choose the government, not the system.

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Anonymous said...

Had MMP existed before 1995, the common sense revolution of Mike Harris would never have happened.