Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Under new system, your vote will always have an impact right across the province

One of the greatest benefits of the proposed Mixed Member Proportional system is your vote will always have an impact on the overall result across the province, unlike now where it only counts locally and only if you vote for the winner.

Under the new system, you'll get two votes: one for your local representative (just like now) and one for a political party's team of province-wide candidates. This second vote has an impact right across Ontario as it determines the total number of seats each party will win.

Under our existing system, you can't vote for the leader of the party, you can't vote for the party as a whole. You can only vote for a local candidate. If you want to vote Liberal, but you don't like the local Liberal candidate what do you do?

Under MMP, you can vote for a strong local candidate of any party, and still cast your ballot for another party.

Under our existing system, many voters in safe-seat ridings or those supporting smaller parties know very well their vote will likely not elect anyone so many don't bother to vote at all.

Under the new system, all votes will be reflected in the make-up of the legislature. When you know your vote always counts, you're more likely to head to the polls on election day.

MMP means more voter choice, stronger representation and fairer results.

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