Thursday, February 26, 2009

Danielle Takacs' Case for Electoral Reform; another NDP MP from BC endorses STV...

Liberal blogger Danielle Takacs posted The Case for Electoral Reform from a Liberal Perspective today on her popular blog. The well-written post lays out four main reasons why Liberals should support electoral reform in Canada. Check them out here.

Out in B.C., where voters will again cast judgment this May on the First-Past-the-Post system which handed the NDP under Glen Clark a majority government in 1996 despite trailing in the vote by three percent, the battle continues.

NDP backroom pundit David Schreck (who used to work for Glen Clark) has been campaigning vigorously against the new BC-STV system, distorting issues in favour of our broken voting system. But it seems even Schreck's fellow New Democrats aren't listening to him, as another NDP MP from B.C. is now publicly in favour of change.


Danielle Takacs writes further today on how Electoral Reform Is a National Unity Issue.

************UPDATE #2************

Takacs posts again about The Daunting Prospects of a Liberal Majority Under First Past the Post: Why Liberals Should Prefer a Preferential Balloting System While I do agree that Instant-Run-Off voting is better than our current Single-Member Plurality system, I don't view it as a major improvement over it. If we are to embark on real electoral reform, we should move to a good form of proportional representation that still ensures that voters have the final say over who's elected, not political parties. For me, that system is STV.


Chrystal Ocean said...

To be fair, the federal NDP leadership supports proportional representation, though not anywhere as loudly as I'd like. It also supports a selection process which is citizen-driven, which occurred in BC with our Citizens Assembly and subsequent vote on BC-STV in 2005 (and now again on May 12).

It's the provincial NDP leadership, with insiders like Schreck and Bill Tieleman, who oppose BC-STV.

Apparently, leader Carole James and Co. want THEIR brand of PR or none. They favour a system which is "fair to parties."

Well an electoral system shouldn't be about fairness to parties, but about properly representing the values of voters. The BC NDP leadership (not necessarily rank and file members) would rather voters be stuck with an unrepresentative, non-proportional system than see their party allotted seats in proportion to the popular vote.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...


Mark Greenan said it. The Dippers are afraid of STV because using the Irish example, the left are on the losing side of coalition building. There will always be independents and hard right parties that can help Fianna Fail in Ireland. Extending this to BC, there will be enough Socreds and Reformers to help the Campbell Liberals. Also the Harper Conservatives would have a foothold there.


Good news for pointing out that Savoie and Crowder are supporting STV. I know that Catherine Bell is probably on board.

A major recommendation, please keep up to date on this blog as to who among the Federal Liberals will endorse STV in BC. Looking particularly at Dosanjh, Keith Martin, Murray, and Sukh Dhaliwal. Thanx.